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Tour in Me´a Scheárim

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Our Meet the Ultra-Orthodox Jews tour is designed to give you a glimpse into the rich cultural and religious identity of the Ultra-Orthodox Jews, better known as Haredim or “God fearers,” living in Jerusalem.  We will visit a traditional neighborhood that isn’t typically visited by tourists, giving you the opportunity to remove the veil of a culture that most people have only observed from the outside.

This provides for a unique experience allowing you to meet an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish family in their own home, as well as learning about and interacting with this intriguing section of the Israeli society.

We will stop often during the tour as you stroll through an authentic and traditional Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood where you will visit an active synagogue, charity and community center, girls school, family home, soup kitchen and a famous Jewish tomb of significant importance to the people of this culture. You will be taken also to a bakery, where you can sample some typical Jewish pastries. In order to understand the complex culture further we will also stop at a large Hasidic Library hosting hundreds of visitors daily and an extensive catalogue of ancient Jewish texts and artifacts.

Your guide will point out to you the many significant symbols, customs and sights which have been integral to this community for thousands of years, as well as explain to you the current place which this sector plays in modern Israeli society, demonstrating the very interesting narrative of the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish people in Jerusalem.


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